Lisa Schuyler Turpin Travers (lisa_caliga) wrote in caliga_rpg,
Lisa Schuyler Turpin Travers

You never know what you'll do... (Rated R for violence.)

After leaving Jared, Lisa ducked into the nearest alleyway and apparated to the overlarge manor house she shared with her husband. It was obvious the moment she saw Xavier that something was very wrong, and when things were wrong at home it generally went very badly for her. She didn’t move as he approached, though all her instincts said to flee. Early on in their marriage Lisa learned that trying to avoid his wrath only made things worse.

“Xavier, what’s wro-” The words cut off with the first strike of his fist, slamming against her face hard enough that she thought her eyes might break loose of their sockets. The second knocked her against the grand fireplace and Lisa grappled for the stone mantle, sending the antique bowl that held their floo powder crashing to the floor. It was when she felt the crunch of breaking bone under the power of the third blow and was finally knocked off her feet that she realized -- her husband knew she’d been with Jared. Lisa hadn’t seen anyone, but Xavier must have had her followed. It was not the first time. It was just the first time in years they’d had anything to report.

“Did I not forbid you to see him?” he screamed at her as his foot crashed into her stomach. Lisa curled into a ball, instinctively protecting the life growing inside her even as she cried out in pain.

“I didn’t know he’d be there,” she gasped out in explanation, though it did not stop the kicks being rained upon her. “He stopped me on the street.”

The glimpse she saw of Xavier showed him red-faced with rage, his eyes glazed over with no hint of reason in their depths, and she knew that her words would have no effect. He would kill her this time. It was almost a relief.

“Pathetic slut,” he hissed. “Jared Vaisey cast you off like the trash you are, yet you can’t stay away from him. I lowered myself to take you anyway. Ungrateful bitch!”

Lisa couldn’t have described the sensation that told her the child she carried was lost, but she was not surprised to feel the thick warmth of blood between her legs soon after. It was the only injury she could pinpoint, from her head to her hips, the rest of Lisa’s body was one throbbing mass, the blanketing pain almost numbing in its combined effect. By the time Xavier lowered himself to kneel over her and wrapped his hands around her neck, she was nearly insensible. Yet still, as her lungs began to burn with lack of oxygen and her eyes felt as if they would burst from her skull, she struggled, trying to pull his hands away. He would not be moved, and Lisa frantically felt for something that might stop his theft of her breath.

Her fingers fell upon a broken piece of the floo powder bowl, and without thought, she swung it at her assailant. Xavier’s eyes opened wide in surprise as it struck his neck, and the last thing Lisa saw before she lost consciousness was the vivid red of blood as it burst forth from the wound.

Summary: Lisa returns home to find her husband in a rage. It goes poorly for both of them. (Rated R)
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