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Brave little lion man ...

[This is a bit in the making but hey, it's here :) ]

Lavender’s head fell back against the pillow with a sigh. She knew her hair was a mess, sticking up in odd places, and she knew for a fact that her face was most likely flushed with pink, but she could not care less. A content smile tugged at her lips as she tried to catch her breath.

“For someone who went years without doing this, you sure picked it back up quickly.” She turned onto her side, grinning cheekily at Percy. “It’s like riding a broom, I suppose. A tandem broom. Though I thought you didn’t really enjoy brooms. You’re much more partial to cauldrons.”

Percy chuckled, running his hand down Lavender’s side to swat at her bum. Cheeky witch. He pulled her back on top of him, and nipped her full upper lip before kissing her fully.

“I’ll have you know I have a fondness for all sorts of bottoms, especially yours,” he replied, finally. “I hope that’s not a complaint?”

“No, no,” she assured him, fingers sliding through the hair near his ear. She pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Just marveling at how if someone were to question your prowess after all this time, they would be sorely mistaken if they thought your years of forced celibacy had dampened your abilities.”

“I’m a Weasley, love, we have a certain reputation to maintain. Have to think about the family honor, and all.” He breathed deeply with contentment, with Lavender’s skin pressed against his, the smell of her on his sheets.

“No wonder you lot were all in Gryffindor,” she chided with a sad shake of her head. She turned thoughtful a second later, laying an arm against his chest and resting her chin on it so she could look at him. “If you hadn’t been placed in Gryffindor, where do you think you’d have been?”

“Slytherin,” Percy said without hesitation. “I’m a bit too ambitious for my own good. I aim to have you again before starting breakfast.” He ran his hands through her hair, and brought her hand to his mouth, nipping each finger in turn.

Her eyes fluttered shut at the feel of his lips on her skin. Insatiable was a word she thought she’d known the meaning to, but she’d been wrong. Oh so wrong.

“I would have guessed Ravenclaw. The library upstairs would attest to it. Not that I don’t enjoy your ambitions. You’re a man laden with them on your shoulders, it seems. And what would you aim for after breakfast?”

He hummed thoughtfully, hands tracing each knob in her spine, finally resting on her hips and pulling her against him. Percy had thought he knew the meaning of want, but even when he was spent and didn’t think he could move, he still wanted Lavender.

“I’m sure I can come up with something,” he said, mouth moving into a grin. “Or you can. You’re delightfully smart, dove. Creative.”

One side of her mouth turned up on a smirk as she considered her options. “I’m thinking... your leather pants. A dance club in Paris where no one knows who we are. Maybe not for after breakfast, but one of these nights. I can try and match you. Find something black and leather and tight fitting.”

The very thought of Lavender in leather with nothing underneath, having her in the crowded room while other bodies writhed around them, made his eyes roll back in his head. Gods, this woman. This woman.

“Wicked witch. Wicked, wicked, witch,” he groaned before flipping them over. “And will you only speak French, my love, and me Bulgarian, so we can only speak with body and eyes?” He knew his fingers were going to leave bruises, but Lav had yet to complain.

Oui. Si vous voulez,” she managed, looking up through her lashes at him. “Although my body is fairly sure it knows exactly how to communicate with yours.”

“I vie shte izpishti, nesŭglasuvano, kogato svŭrsha s vas,” Percy replied, working his way down her body, nipping and licking, spending time where she gasped and clutched, before finally nipping at her hips.

“Dad, Dad, Lavender isn’t in her room, and I brought a new book from France that Aunt Fleur brought me. Why are you still in bed?” Jack’s voice became clearer and louder as he ran his way down the hall, and slammed the closed door to the bedroom open.

Lavender had never gone from so completely and utterly on to horrifyingly and embarrassingly off so quickly. The sound that came out of her mouth was somewhere between a scream and a sob as she attempted to cover whatever parts of her body she could. This was made infinitely more difficult because Percy was still on top of her.

Oh God, oh God, oh God!

Percy could feel all of the blood drain out of his body and was bright red at the same time. It was an interesting sensation, one he’d have to ponder upon at some other time. He managed to push Lavender behind him, and pulled what bit of sheet he could wrench away from her to cover his lap.

Holy Mother of Merlin.

“Good morning, Jackson,” he managed, a bit strangled. Oh, gods, he was never going to be able to recover from this. Why hadn’t he locked the door? How had he managed to lose track of that much time?

Jack’s blue eyes, so much like his father’s, were wide open, and the book in his hand forgotten.

“Why don’t you have any clothes on? Why doesn’t Lavender? Why was the door closed?” He asked in quick succession, waving at Lavender from where she peeked from behind his father’s shoulder.

“Oh God!” she said aloud this time, all the mortification she was clearly feeling flooding the words. She pressed her face against Percy’s shoulder, wanting to die.

Percy cleared his throat. “Jackson, son, would you mind going downstairs to the kitchen and starting tea? I’ll be down in just a few minutes.”

Jack looked at his father suspiciously. “But you didn’t answer my questions.”

“We’ll talk when I get downstairs, young man. Go on now, and close the door behind you,” Percy replied, wanting to die of embarrassment, and wanting to owl his father at the same time. He didn’t remember much of when he had done the same thing around Jack’s age, but his father seemed to have handled the situation well enough, at least well enough that Percy wasn’t scarred from it.

The door closed behind Jack, who huffed and questioned as he stomped down the stairs.

Percy dropped his head into his hands and rubbed his face rigorously.

“Do you want to die first, or shall I?”

“You kill me first. Then you’re on your own,” she gasped between her fingers where they were trying to put out the flames that had burst into being on her cheeks. “Oh my God! He saw... he has to know. He’s your son. He knows. Oh, fuck he knows!”

The noise that came out of Percy was something between a groan and a laugh.

“Did you think he wouldn’t notice that you weren’t sleeping in your room? I was just hoping he wouldn’t walk in on.. well.. on that.” He paused. “At least I don’t have to worry about him beating me like Ronald.” Percy turned and pulled Lavender’s hands from her face and kissed her soundly.

“I love you. It’ll be all right. I’ll put on pants and go down and talk to Jack.”

“Pants,” Lavender said, like the word was foreign. “Yes. Pants. Pants will solve this problem. Lots and lots of pants. Layers of pants.”

She felt like her body was on fire - in a much different way than it had been ten minutes prior - and her chest was tight with embarrassment. “I have to come with you. To talk. I can’t not come. We have to... explain. And oh, Gods, he’s going to be like you and ask apt questions that a nine-year-old shouldn’t think to ask yet because, of course, he’s your son. And what do we say? ‘Oh, Jackson, we woke up one day and found ourselves arse over tit in love with each other and that’s why we’re naked together?’”

The look on her face turned more horrific as she looked at Percy with wide eyes. “Please tell me that’s not what we’re going to tell him!”

Percy laughed, shaking his head at Lavender as he searched the floor for the pajamas he’d never quite made it into the night before. He slipped on the soft flannel, then tossed Lavender’s shorts at her.

“That’s the jist of it, though, isn’t it? I am arse over tits for you.” He paused, thinking. “We’ll just have to make it age appropriate. Is it too early to start drinking?”

“Not after what just happened. I plan on being thoroughly sauced by nine. We may need more wine,” she answered, shimmying into her pajama bottoms. “Three bottles might not be enough.”

Still topless, she got on her knees and searched under the bed for the t-shirt and bra he’d ripped from her body the night before. When it didn’t come into sight, she grabbed one of his dirty ones from the floor. That he’d been too busy to see his shirts make the hamper would be a point of pride, were she not still dying of mortification.

She pulled it over her head, deciding she’d just keep her arms crossed over her chest and try not to move too much since her bra was still missing. The shirt smelled decidedly like Percy and she took a small moment to take solace in that scent.

“You can’t be arse over tits for me. You lack the proper body parts, but rest assured I am that over you and if it means that I have to be completely and utterly embarrassed around your son for the rest of my life, then so be it.”

Percy leaned down to kiss Lavender, wrapping his arms around her. He was just as mortified as she was, but hearing her confirm her feelings for him still shot shivers down his back, and thrilled him. She loved him, wanted him as much as he wanted her, and she was pulling on his shirt so that the two of them could talk to his son.

The shrill sound of the kettle boiling worked it’s way up the stairs from the kitchen.

Percy pulled back from Lavender with a sigh. “Well, love. Here we go.”

“Dad! Lavender! The tea is ready! Are you coming down?!” Jack’s screech followed the noise of the kettle. He had so many questions, and had some thoughts, and was a little confused. But when his dad and Lavender entered the kitchen, he showed the tea he had set out proudly, and the toast was only burnt a little at the edges.

“Thank you, son,” Percy said, pulling out Lavender’s chair for her, before taking his own and looking at Jack.

“It seems you have some questions about what happened earlier. Where would you like to start?”

“Why was Lavender in your bed? Were you having a sleep over? And why were you naked?” Jack knew that Grandma Molly and Grandpa Arthur slept in the same bed, but they had pyjamas. So did his aunts and uncles, and Auntie Tonks.

Percy sighed. “Do you know how Grandma and Grandpa love each other? I love Lavender like that, and she loves me that way.”

“Since when?”

Lavender looked from Jack to Percy, not sure if she should really be saying anything. Yes, this whole incident involved her. Intimately. But she’d never been very good at keeping her words to herself. It was what got her in trouble the most.

“Last week,” Lavender answered. When Percy turned to her and gave her a look, she shrugged her shoulders. “What? It’s true.” With a sigh, she turned back to Jack.

“Jack, sometimes there are people and things in front of your face that you don’t really see. And then something clears and you see that thing, or person, perfectly. It’s like... you never realized you had a favorite pair of socks until, suddenly, they’re not there any longer and you realize you can’t imagine not having that pair of socks to wear anymore.”

When Jack gave her a blank look, Lavender suddenly remembered that she didn’t really know how to talk to kids. She’d never really been that good talking to them when she was a kid, as evidenced by the very small subset of friends she’d carried from school.

“So are you going to always be without clothes with Dad? Are you going to sleep in his room? Oh, can I have your room if you’re not going to use it?” Jack asked, already forming plans for a new fort in Lavender’s bigger room.

“It’s ‘may I’, and we can discuss it later,” Percy replied, relieved that Jack seemed to be rather nonplussed about the conversation. “Are you alright with Lavender with me in a room? She’d be there permanently, and if the door is closed, you’ll have to knock before coming in. Are you alright with me loving Lavender, and her being here with us forever?”

Lavender’s hazel gaze focused on Percy at his words to Jack, his question that had been poised carefully and plainly for a nine-year-old pulling her complete and utter attention to him.

Jack looked between Lavender and his dad. His dad had a hand on Lavender’s thigh, and they both looked rumpled and unkempt. But his dad looked happy.

“Are you going to marry Lavender? She’s not Mum, but I love her lots. Mary Sweeney’s dad isn’t married to her mum.”

Fuck.” The second the words left her mouth, Lavender clamped her hands over it. She knew she had a dirty mouth and had tried not to indulge in it around Jack, but it was hard. Especially with the questions Jack was asking and how they were things she hadn’t really thought about yet and was putting them on the spot.

Jack glared at Lavender. “That’s a bad word. Do you not want to marry Dad?”

Percy choked on his tea at Jack’s question. After sputtering, he wiped his mouth very carefully. He couldn’t seem to breathe quite right, and he didn’t think it was because of the near drowning by tea.

Squeezing Lavender's hand, Percy replied to Jack slowly. “I would marry Lavender if she’d have me, but we haven’t talked about it, and this is very new to us, Jack.”

There were things being spoken about that hadn’t even entered Lavender’s unconscious thoughts. Granted, she’d been a bit distracted by things in the past week - red hair and fingers and delicious bruises on her hips - but she’d just realized a handful of days ago that this was where she was supposed to be, with who she was supposed to be, and now there were big things being spoken about with a sense of normalcy that she couldn’t comprehend.

“I’m sorry I said a bad word,” Lavender said after a long moment of silence. She didn’t know what else to say.

“That doesn’t explain why there weren’t jimjams. I always have to sleep in my jimjams,” Jackson said, feeling stubborn. He didn't like that the rules weren’t the same for everyone.

Percy could feel his ears burning. Oh, gods. He did not want to have that particular discussion with Jackson. Not now, not after he had seen Lavender and his father naked together. Percy tried to think of a spell that would swallow him up without killing him.

“Uh.. well, Jackson. Lavender and I were having sex. That’s one of the ways adults who love each other show their love. I believe I have a book on the subject that might be helpful for you, son. You could read it, and we can talk about it after.”

“There are books?” Jackson asked excitedly. He loved books.

This wasn’t happening. No. She was not in the room with a ten-year-old while his father had The Talk about sex. And now there was assigned reading. Where had all the air in the room gone? Wine. She needed wine.

“I’m sorry,” she blurted, uncertain why she’d said it and why it didn’t feel like enough. “I didn’t want... I love your dad, and I love you, and I didn’t want you to find out about your dad and me this way. I’m not sure how it could have been done better, but I’m pretty sure it couldn’t have been done worse.”

Jack shrugged. “At least you weren’t kissing. That’s gross. Where’s the book, Dad? I’ll go read it now.”

He hopped up from his chair and hugged Lavender. “I love you, too, Lavender. If you marry my dad, can I call you Mam? That’s what Hannah calls her mum, and even though Mum isn’t here anymore, I don’t think she’d mind.”

Tears sprung in Percy’s eyes, and he cleared his throat again. “It’s on the third shelf on the first case to the right of the door. It’s called What Every Wizard Needs to Know About Growing Up.”

Lavender hugged Jack back, whatever embarrassment she’d been drowning in replaced by the very real idea that Jack wouldn’t mind if she and Percy got married. “Mam,” Lavender said, trying out the word. “I think that’d be fine,” she finally answered, pulling back to smile softly at him. “If you... if you have any questions... after you read the book...”

“I’ll ask. Maybe we could get ice cream later?” Jack responded, before running down the hall and up the stairs. His whoops of excitement died down as he reached the third floor library.

Percy closed his eyes, and let his head hang back on his neck. The emotional ups and downs of the past week were exhausting. Good Godric, it had only been a week. It seemed like years.

“I’m sorry, hen.”

“What do I do if he actually does ask me questions?” she asked, turning to look over at Percy, her eyes wide and panicked. “And those questions! He’s your son. To the core. What kind of book are you giving him? Are there pictures? Did you read it when you were a kid? Why do you even have that book?”

Percy patted Lavender’s thigh, drawing comfort from the touch as much as he hoped to give it. She was focusing on the discussion with Jack, and not panicking at the idea of her marrying him. That was a comfort at least. He hadn’t actually thought about it, having spent the past week distracted with Jack starting term again and having Lavender at any chance he could get, and falling asleep with her hair tangled with his. He woke before she did, and watched her sleep, relaxed and content in his bed. He honestly hadn’t thought any farther than that, but had answered with his heart when Jack had asked the question.

“It happens to be the copy my parents gave me. It has medical anatomy pictures; it’s hardly the Kama Sutra, Lav. And if you don’t feel comfortable answering any questions, just tell him to talk to me. I don’t want you to be any more uncomfortable than you already are.”

“It’s not about being uncomfortable. It’s just... he’s a ten-year-old and he just walked in on his dad having sex. It’s a scarring memory. And now he’ll be reading a book that’s at least 30 years old and I’m just worried that he’ll read what ‘sex’ is and never be able to look at me straight again. And he wants to call me ‘Mam’, Percy.”

She turned to look him, her eyes willing him to understand. Less than two weeks ago, her best friend had confessed his love for her; this had prompted her realization that she felt the same way. And then, today, in the space of a half-hour, the man she loved’s son had walked in and seen them naked in bed together, now had a book teaching him about the joys of sex, and had asked whether or not they were going to be getting married.

It was a lot. It was a lot in a short space of time. It wasn’t frightening, per se, but it was still a lot. And Jack’s questions had brought up topics that even she hadn’t pondered yet.

Percy dropped a kiss on Lavender's forehead. It was a lot. He knew it was a lot. Jack, as per usual, was astoundingly straight forward, but he had surprised even Percy with his reaction. Percy had been too wrapped up in the newness of it all, that Lavender hadn't run screaming to really think about the future.

"Don't over think it, dove. We'll figure it out, hmm?" At the arched brow he received as a reply, he grinned. "I know that's rather odd, coming from me, but we needen't rush, or hurry, or do anything about it right now. Breakfast!?"

The absurdity of the morning had made her forget that they hadn’t really eaten in the past twenty hours. They’d had an early dinner before returning to the Row House and had gotten decidedly distracted for the rest of the night. Her stomach made its displeasure known with an angry growl. How she could be hungry after the roller coaster of emotions, Lavender wasn’t sure, but she was. “Breakfast,” she answered with a small nod, mind still flooded with a wash of thoughts and feelings. When Percy stood to begin making the meal, she reached out and grabbed his hand, stopping his movement. She looked up at him, whatever words she’d wanted to say caught in her throat. Her hazel eyes willed him to understand all the things she was unable to say.

Percy squeezed her hand in return, and pulled her to him, resting his chin on the top of her head. He smoothed her hair with one hand, hoping the motion would help soothe the stirred emotions and beginnings of adrenaline crash, for her as well as him.

“It’ll be all right, darling.”

Lavender nodded as he pet her hair, taking a deep breath in an effort to steady herself. She had always been prone to hysterics, ever since she was little. She had found that now, however, there wasn’t much time to indulge in those kind of things. She’d still need to take time to process everything that had happened recently, but she couldn’t afford to get overwhelmed and shut down; there was too much she’d give up if she did.

“I know,” she said after another calming breath. She looked up at him, giving him a small smile. “I don’t know if you know, but I kind of worked up an appetite last night and could use some nourishment.”

“Right then. Toast and bacon, fruit to start?” He kissed her full on the mouth, taking his time about it. “I love you.”

Summary: Lavender and Percy are forced to let Jack know about their new relationship status a little earlier than they'd planned.
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