June 29th, 2013

Brave little lion man ...

[This is a bit in the making but hey, it's here :) ]

Lavender’s head fell back against the pillow with a sigh. She knew her hair was a mess, sticking up in odd places, and she knew for a fact that her face was most likely flushed with pink, but she could not care less. A content smile tugged at her lips as she tried to catch her breath.

“For someone who went years without doing this, you sure picked it back up quickly.” She turned onto her side, grinning cheekily at Percy. “It’s like riding a broom, I suppose. A tandem broom. Though I thought you didn’t really enjoy brooms. You’re much more partial to cauldrons.”

Percy chuckled, running his hand down Lavender’s side to swat at her bum. Cheeky witch. He pulled her back on top of him, and nipped her full upper lip before kissing her fully.

“I’ll have you know I have a fondness for all sorts of bottoms, especially yours,” he replied, finally. “I hope that’s not a complaint?”

“No, no,” she assured him, fingers sliding through the hair near his ear. She pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Just marveling at how if someone were to question your prowess after all this time, they would be sorely mistaken if they thought your years of forced celibacy had dampened your abilities.”

“I’m a Weasley, love, we have a certain reputation to maintain. Have to think about the family honor, and all.” He breathed deeply with contentment, with Lavender’s skin pressed against his, the smell of her on his sheets.

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